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Our Projects

AANZ promotes unity and mutual co-existence among the various Afghan communities. It’s our vision to help maintain Afghan cultural, national and religious values, while at the same time helping Afghan communities adapt, assimilate and become active members of the wider New Zealand society and economy.

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AANZ working on a plan to build an Afghan student directory and promote inter-student relationships on various educational campuses in New Zealand.

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AANZ endeavours to assist the community with basic Immigration matters and provide guidance in terms of policy, as well as help with finding a suitable Immigration Advisor.

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New Refugees

Settling in a new country is not always easy. AANZ is keen to help newcomer Afghan refugees to gain easy access to information and services they need to help them settle in their new community.

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AANZ strongly believes in helping our brothers and sisters find employment, and in the process, become active members of the New Zealand society and economy.

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Letters of Support

AANZ takes pride in its support of the Afghan community. We provide 100’s letters of support every year to the Afghan community.

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